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LoanWell helps you create loans between you and people in your community and repay them automatically. Instead of high interest bank financing, LoanWell helps you get a cheaper loan while people in your community earn the interest.

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For an agreement between you and one other person, choose the one lender option. If you are looking to fundraise from more than one lender choose the many lenders option.

One Lender

  • Legal Loan Agreement
  • Editing by Borrower and Lender
  • E-Signing Process
  • Auto-Drafted Repayment

Many Lenders

5% of Funds Raised
  • Crowdfunding Page
  • Legal Loan Agreements
  • Editing by Borrower and Lender
  • E-Signing Process
  • Auto-Drafted Repayment

For all transactions (monthly payments and balance transfers), there is a 1% processing fee. Ex: If the monthly payment is $100, there will be a $1 fee to process the payment from one bank account to another.

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$74.99 | Pay with Credit Card or PayPal

You will now be redirected to PayPal to complete your transaction. If you would like to pay with a card scroll down below the PayPal login on the next page and click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button.

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What Are People Saying?

“LoanWell is not like a bank -- It's an arrangement among friends. The LoanWell platform makes the process so easy.”

Dana Walker went from a bakery to code school and is now a software engineer at Red Hat thanks to LoanWell.

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Frequently Asked

What is LoanWell?

We are a lending platform that helps you save money by financing with your community - who earn the interest instead of the bank.

Am I Eligible?

Yes! Unlike most lending platforms that have credit requirements, we strive to help everyone find cheaper financing from within their network.

What if my community or network doesn't have a lot of disposable income to lend?

We've worked really hard to make the platform as equitable as possible. One way we've done that is through crowdfunding, where you can invite several people to lend small amounts of money to sum up to your total need (i.e. $500 loan from 10 people = $5,000).

What if I can't get the total amount I need from community?

We've partnered with several third-party lenders to help provide the additional capital you need in the event you are not able to raise your total amount from your network.

How much does it cost to use LoanWell?

Check our most up to date pricing here

What’s the catch? Are there any hidden costs?

When it comes to money, we believe that no one should feel confused or misled. We want to be upfront about our costs so that our customers can focus on getting the support they need from our system.

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