4 Storytelling Tips for Crafting a Compelling Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the most important parts of starting a crowdfunding campaign is understanding that your campaign lives and dies by how compelling it is to the people who see your campaign page. 

But what exactly makes something compelling or interesting? 

The exact answer may vary from person to person, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that your campaign is doing everything it can to stand out from the pack.

1) Make Sure They Know Who You Are

No one is going to contribute to your crowdfund if they don’t know who you are or why the campaign is important to you personally.

By the end of the time that the reader gets through your full campaign, they should have no question about who you are, why you’re raising money, or why you’re specifically using a crowdfunding campaign to get that funding rather than through some other source. 

Explain who you are early on before you even start to detail the reason behind your crowdfunding efforts. It will help provide a necessary context for the campaign and will give you some good ideas about how to start framing your story in a way that will get others invested in you personally. 

2) Think Like a Storyteller

People get attached to stories -- it’s not only the way that they process the world, but it’s what helps them feel invested in people that they don’t know or will never meet. 

In order to get someone on your side, you have to get them invested in your story. When you talk about yourself, think about how you can give your reader the same information in a simple, interesting way. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written much or don’t feel confident in your writing. All it takes are a few basic pieces. 

Start with a hook -- something that grabs your reader and gets them interested right away. Maybe that’s the most interesting part of your story, or what you ultimately hope to accomplish. 

Then give the reader whatever background they need to have in order to understand why getting the funding you need is important -- how does this crowdfunding campaign fit into your recent life (or even your life as a whole)? 

Then talk about the campaign itself, and what you hope to accomplish. As much as possible, show the reader how they themselves fit into the story -- and how their involvement as lenders to your campaign is what’s required for the story to have a happy ending.

3) Be Precise and Include a Schedule

People want to connect with your story on a creative level, but it’s also important that they see that you’ve thought out your next steps. To show them this, you should include at least a rough schedule or timeline of your plans, both for spending the loan as well as paying it back. 

Be as precise as possible about how you’re going to spend the loan once you’re able to acquire it. If you can fit this into your overarching narrative, talking about exactly when and where you’ll be spending that loan can help back up your story and set your lenders’ minds at ease.

4) Think Visually

Lastly, the way you format your campaign is extremely important to make sure that your content is compelling to those that make it to your campaign page. 

Think about when you go to a web page covered in huge paragraphs, with no spaces or pictures to break it up. Pages like these are visually unappealing, and the less that you enjoy looking at a page, the less likely you’ll be to explore it.

Make sure that your writing is broken up every 1-3 sentences so that each piece of it is easily digestible. Make your sentences short, pithy, and interesting as much as you can.

And perhaps most importantly, break up long stretches of text with pictures that are interesting and relevant to what you’re talking about. 

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