The Story


It took us a long time to get our small business off the ground, and since then we’ve built up a loyal community of patrons. All we need now is a little help refinancing so that we can keep our doors open -- and for that, we turn to the community that helped us get to where we are today. 

The Concept

It was our privilege last year to open up our dream restaurant, the Big Boy Burgers; a hipster, gourmet burger joint. Each menu item was unique, and adventurous.

After a rocky first few months -- during which it felt like people didn’t really get who we were or precisely what we were attempting -- we eventually found our footing, as well as a dedicated community of adventurous connoisseurs who we were proud to call our regular customers.

My Request

Unfortunately, while our business is finally in the black as far as profits are concerned, we’ve still got a fair bit of debt leftover from those first few steps. The terms of these debts aren’t particularly favorable, so, in order to avoid spending a fortune on interest in the coming years, we’d like to start refinancing as much of it as we can right now.

For that, we need the help of our newfound community. But we’re not asking you for a donation; we’re asking for a loan.

With your help, we’re looking to refinance $35,000 of debt, which is held by a variety of different loan sources (as is the case for many small businesses like us).

For those who aren’t familiar with refinancing debt, the basic process is this: any money you agree to give us will be used to pay off the loans we have elsewhere, which for the most part have very high interest rates. Then, instead of us having to make further payments to those sources, we’ll start making payments to you instead.

We really think this is a great opportunity for us as well as for the community at large. We’re proud of the support our local community has shown us up to this point, and we hope you’ll help us refinance so we can keep our doors open for years to come.

$35,000 Refinance Goal

If you're convinced that this is a good idea for us, we’d love to have your contribution to our campaign. The best part is, we’ll pay you this money back over the next few years!

LoanWell makes automatic monthly payments from my bank to yours. If you'd like to contribute, here's how it works. 

1. You Click the Lend button at the top right. 

2. You review the basic loan terms that I've created.

3. You agree and sign the terms and a loan agreement is created between us. 

4. Transfer the loan amount and once the campaign ends, I will receive the funds.

5. On the repayment start date, LoanWell will send you my monthly payment directly to your bank.

If you have any further questions about my qualifications or long-term plans for the business, please feel free to contact me individually. I’ll be happy to talk to you at length.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Recommended Levels


$500 Supporter

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$1,000 Supporter

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$2,500 Supporter

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