The Story


I’m a local entrepreneur whose downtown bar has quickly turned into a town favorite. Now I’m looking to my new community to provide some support so that I can keep providing a place for townies like me to relax, gather, and drink a few beers. 

The Concept

It’s been a couple of years since my friends and I first founded Rumours, a tavern-inspired bar located right in the middle of downtown. At the time, opening a pub named after my favorite Fleetwood Mac album was a no-brainer, and after a shaky first few months, the word eventually got out that we had a pretty good thing on our hands.

People started showing up -- first just on weekends, then on certain weekdays. Now, Rumours is packed almost every night with both old and fresh faces, while a devoted cast of regulars holds down the fort almost all hours of the day.

My Request

We love our little bar, as well as the community that has sprung up around it. So now that we’re looking to refinance some old loans and take on some new ones, we’re looking to that same community to help us get the funding we need.

But we’re not asking you for a donation; we’re asking for a loan.

With your help, we’d like to refinance a decent chunk of loans that we accrued over the course of starting up the bar. In addition, we’re looking to expand our current menu beyond a few appetizers, so we’re looking to borrow a little more in order to ameliorate some of the payroll for a new chef and the costs of new ingredients.

For those who aren’t familiar with refinancing debt, the basic process is this: any money you agree to give us will be used to pay off the loans we have elsewhere, which for the most part have very high interest rates. Then, instead of us having to make further payments to those sources, we’ll start making payments to you instead.

We really think this is a great opportunity for us as well as for the community at large. We’re proud of the support our local community has shown us up to this point, and we hope you’ll help us refinance so we can keep growing.

$34,000 Refinance Goal

If you're convinced that this is a good idea for us, we’d love to have your contribution to our campaign. The best part is, we’ll pay you this money back over the next few years!

LoanWell makes automatic monthly payments from my bank to yours. If you'd like to contribute, here's how it works. 

1. You Click the Lend button at the top right. 

2. You review the basic loan terms that I've created.

3. You agree and sign the terms and a loan agreement is created between us. 

4. Transfer the loan amount and once the campaign ends, I will receive the funds.

5. On the repayment start date, LoanWell will send you my monthly payment directly to your bank.

If you have any further questions about my qualifications or long-term plans for the business, please feel free to contact me individually. I’ll be happy to talk to you at length.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

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