The Story


We’ve wanted to purchase a home for some time now, and now we finally have the chance to buy one. All we need is some help covering the down payment to make our dream home a reality.

The House

After months of searching and saving money, my partner Francis and I have finally located our dream home. It’s a beautiful colonial-style house out in the country, historic and full of character. 

The hardwood floors in most of the house are almost brand new, as they were installed by a previous tenants. That same tenant also managed to update much of the light fixtures throughout the house as well as the kitchen.


Personally, Francis and I are both sold on the place. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to pay for the down payment entirely on our own, and we could really use your help avoiding Private Mortgage Insurance. 

If we are able to raise our campaign goal, we will save $300 per month and thousands over the life of the mortgage. 

We can get into the house of our dreams, with support of our friends, family, and community!

But we’re not asking you for a donation; we’re asking for a loan.

Our Request

We really think this is a great opportunity for us to finally get the home of our dreams -- a historic place with plenty of character, lots of space, and in a great location. 

If you're convinced that this is a good idea for us, we’d love to have your contribution to our campaign. The best part is, we’ll pay you this money back over the next few years! 

$15,000 Down Payment Costs

LoanWell makes automatic monthly payments from my bank to yours. If you'd like to contribute, here's how it works. 

1. You Click the Lend button at the top right. 

2. You review the basic loan terms that I've created.

3. You agree and sign the terms and a loan agreement is created between us. 

4. Transfer the loan amount and once the campaign ends, I will receive the funds.

5. On the repayment start date, LoanWell will send you my monthly payment directly to your bank.

Thanks for considering, and we hope to give you updates on our new home purchase soon!

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$500 Supporter

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$2,500 Supporter

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