The Story


We’re looking to update and refurbish the kitchen in our historic colonial home, and we’re asking our friends and family to pitch in and loan us the amount we need to get everything done.

Our house is 300 years old and almost certainly haunted -- but with your help, at least we can have granite countertops.

Our Story

As many of you know, Dawn and I moved into a gorgeous historic, colonial-style home back in July of last, far out in the country. It was our dream home. 

At first, we couldn’t have been happier with our purchase, but as time went on, the downsides started becoming clear. Hinges and floorboards creaked, our pipes leaked, old paint began chipping off of seemingly every surface, and cupboards were opening and closing themselves at will. 

We ourselves undertook some small repairs in October to fix one of our biggest issues -- the completely outdated outlets, wall paint, and the ceiling light fixture in the living room -- and we were very encouraged by the help we received from our friends and family when it came to financing this.

Of course, while we were actually doing the improvements, picture frames were constantly flying off the walls towards us and hoarse, frantic whispers were heard emanating from the fireplace. But it was all worth it when we finally saw that beautiful glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to accelerate our home improvement efforts and bring our outdated kitchen into the 21st century. 

Our Request

Unfortunately, we don’t have the money saved up to really do this on my own. If we’re ever going to get my kitchen looking fresh and new, we need the support of my friends, family, and community. 

But we’re not asking you for a donation; we’re asking for a loan.

We’ve got some great plans for the space -- sturdy granite countertops, brand new appliances, a kitchen island (so we can have a little more versatility!), and even different tiling for the floor. We truly believe this is the right move to make our house a little more like a home, but we need your help to do it.

Look, Dawn and I are both realists. This house has been around for like 300 years -- it’s haunted. There’s really no way it’s not, and there’s not much we can do about that. 

But what we can do is brighten up the place with a few brand new Kenmore appliances. 

If you're convinced that this is a good idea for us, we would love to have your contribution to our campaign. The best part is, we’ll pay you this money back over the next few years!

$20,000 Remodel Costs

If you're convinced that this is a good path for me, I would love to have your contribution to my campaign. The best part is, I will pay you this money back over 3 years! 

LoanWell makes automatic monthly payments from my bank to yours. If you'd like to contribute, here's how it works. 

1. You Click the Lend button at the top right. 

2. You review the basic loan terms that I've created.

3. You agree and sign the terms and a loan agreement is created between us. 

4. Transfer the loan amount and once the campaign ends, I will receive the funds.

5. On the repayment start date, LoanWell will send you my monthly payment directly to your bank.

Thanks for considering, and we hope to show you updates on our home soon!

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