Loan Servicing
for Community Lenders

Create your loan agreements with our customizable questionnaire, fund loans from multiple sources, and schedule auto-drafted repayments with the click of a button. CDFIs, MFIs, Nonprofits, Loan Funds, Foundations, etc. can focus on their core business, while LoanWell manages all the back office details!

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Loan Agreement Questionnaire

Follow our step by step questionnaire to create your loans or add your own questionnaire for a custom loan agreement.


Gain insight into user activity by event, questionnaire, and/or pageview.

Business Intelligence

Custom Dashboards with Data Visualization, Access to All Loan Agreements, and Bank Account Management


Recipients sign your custom loan agreement electronically on our site.

ACH Payments

LoanWell manages your ACH transactions for loan disbursement and repayment with recurring payments or one-time scheduled payments.

Unlimited Funding Sources

Our flexible system can handle multiple sources of funding and repay each source accordingly.

Unlimited Documents

Store and Retrieve Documents Safely and Securely (Encrypted with AWS KMS)

Automatic Form Preparation

Our system will auto-prepare 1098, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC forms

Email Engine

One-time Messages, Auto-Reminders, Invoices, Statements, Alerts, Marketing Campaigns, etc.

Contacts Database

Automatically Store Contact Info for Applicants, Borrowers, Lenders, Vendors, etc.

QuickBooks API Integration

Integrate with QB Online to track principal, interest, and late fees

User Account Management

Individual logins and account mangement for all Applicants, Borrowers, Lenders, Vendors, etc. Team Accounts with Permission Management

Real-time Balance Info

Verify real-time account balances for borrowers and lenders

Borrower Asset Verification

Retrieve a consolidated Asset Report showing account balances, historical transactions, and account holder identity information.

Want to learn more? Chat with us about your loan servicing needs.